About Us


There’s a carnival of writers, musicians, filmmakers and a lot of other completely crazy people who make the most interesting virtual reality that in some point of time becomes reality for all of us.
We are the voice to what people turn crazy.

Social networking sites featuring crazy people all over the world made us want to feature our lunatics and lead them out in the open for the normal to take a break from their routine lives and accept that a little bangali crazy is good for the cholesterol.
Being Bangali or what the kids at the uber cool colleges claim to be “bongs” isn’t easy at all let alone come up with something way more complicated. “The first bengali web Portal”

Here at addatimes, we join together the best of puzzle pieces which have absolutely no connection except maybe that they are unkempt personalities of “bong” creative souls that in crazy ways create magic.

The loony bins are the amazing people that make it all possible.

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1 week ago
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