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Addatimes Changing The Way Vernacular Stories are Told and Consumed


Kolkata, India:

On 9th December 2016, the web series B.C Baal was released by Addatimes Media Pvt Ltd. The webseries amassed 256,226 views (still counting). Although not a staggering number of views there is something special about B.C Baal.


It is the first ever Bengali webseries in the world. Today, after only 7 months of existence the video contents of Addatimes has 2.1 Million video views with massively successful web series like Khyapa, offbeat shows like Dilse, Anybody Can Cook, Crush and more.


Founder Rajiv Mehra, an Ex Indian Air Force Officer ventured into the media world two decades back and has produced multiple successful Bengali TV reality shows such as Mirakkel, Dadagiri, Dance Bangla Dance. It is his leadership and passion backed by a team of super-talented youngsters that enables to present you what you haven’t seen before. It refuses to be scared of how the audience might react because it wants the audience to question and enjoy what it has to offer.


Alexa World Ranking 215,160, India Ranking of 27,727 and Alexa Bangladesh ranking of 1,379 within this short span is not an important achievement, but the way we are touching lives is what matters the most. Currently catering to the Bengali speaking community around the world, Addatimes fill the entertainment void in “Mother Language” for Bengalis in India, Bangladesh, US, UK, Canada, France, UAE, Australia, Russia, Netherlands etc. Going forward, we will release web series in other vernacular languages.

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