Payment and Refund Policy

Your Addatimes subscription is a one-time payment subscribtion, which means if you choose to subscribe for 1year you will have to pay the entire amount at one go. To use the Addatimes service you must have Internet access and a Addatimes ready device, and provide a current, valid, accepted method of payment. You can change your payment method once your current subscription tenure is over and you opt to further subscribe for a new tenure. Also, if you want to subscribe for another period before your current subscription ends even then you can change your payment method. In short it means you can choose different payment methods for different subscription periods. Cancellation and Refund: You cannot cancel your subscription before the end of the subscription plan period since it is a one-time payment model. However if you discontinue to login or watch the content on Addatimes, You will not be entitled for a refund for any portion of the Subscription Fee paid by You for the unexpired period or for the unwatched Addatimes content. However if you have paid and the amount is deducted from your account but still your subscription is not updated then you will not be entitled for a refund but you will be provided with all kind of technical assistance and support to deal with the problem. You can mail us at to get further assistance and help with payment queries. We ensure you that your amount deducted will not be lost in transit.

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