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Mar 2, 2017
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Easy Homemade Pizza

Mar 2, 2017

Easy Homemade Pizza Even a novice can master the art of pizza with the simple food guide of ANYBODY CAN COOK. Being the slice of life this homemade pizza cultivates the concept, “love at first bite”.


Mar 2, 2017

SHABALEY This time Anybody Can Cook is catering with amazing recipes. One of those sizzling dishes is SHABALEY. Shabaley are like meat samosas or patties but the juice of the meat makes the filling utterly delicious. Eventually, everybody’s he

Nutella CheeseCake Pots

Mar 2, 2017

NUTELLA CHEESECAKE POTS Incredibly delicious Nutella Cheese Cake Pots will make this season quite happening and fetch kudos from any ardent follower of ANYBODY CAN COOK recipe videos. It is the perfect creamy dense dessert with fabulous flavor thats sure to get your essert craving on. Indulge in this sweet delight with an easy to make nutella cheesecake recipe video streaming now only on

Choco Chip Cookies

Mar 2, 2017

CHOCO- CHIP COOKIES One of the best thing in life – warm chocolate chip cookies. Bake this easy, kid friendly Chocolate Chip Cookies for your home and make classic soft yummy chocolate chip cookies. Keep watching


Mar 2, 2017

PAN FRIED EGGS There is no exquisite magic in any season without a tasty recipe of eggs. So let’s enjoy with a delicious recipe, Pan fried eggs. Be the cook who can bring soul to this fabulous dish and to prepare PAN FRIED EGGS watch Anybody


Mar 2, 2017

PANCAKE WRITE UP Pancakes are the epitome of comfort food. Whether you’re eating them while wearing cozy slippers and lounging late one morning, or enjoying them as a fulfilling dinner, pancakes are universal feel-good food. It’s perhaps the


Mar 2, 2017

Spaghetti  Come and smell the boiling hot steaming scrumptious spaghetti. As you get closer to the steaming scrumptious tasty spaghetti, everybody will start to think this is the best spaghetti in the gigantic, bulky, massive world. Prepare i

Mutton Samosa

Mar 2, 2017

MUTTON SAMOSA Love and Mutton Samosa are alike. One can never have enough of either. So let's be a little bit foodie with Mutton samosa recipe only on Samosa cover: 250 gms maida Cold water

Chicken Rezala

Mar 2, 2017

Chicken Rezala A perfect chicken rezala consists of flavor-some gravy with juicy tender chicken pieces which can make your taste buds lingering with a burst of tang .Here chicken rezala is ready to cater to the viewers of and it

Chicken Lollipop

Mar 2, 2017

CHICKEN LOLLIPOP The spicy, tasty and juicy appetizer Chicken Lollipop is now ready with simple recipe. Watch Anybody Can Cook only on Oil for Deep Frying

Berry Pulao

Apr 17, 2017

Berry Pulao Words cannot describe one’s state of supreme contentment and blissful non-alcoholic intoxication after having delicious Berry Pulao. Dear Fellow Foodie, relish the dish and enjoy an outstanding gastronomic experience only on


Apr 17, 2017

BRINJAL Brinjal chunks, tossed leisurely in a host of spices, pepped up with yogurt will serve unique delicious Brinjal dish. Watch Anybody Can Cook only on

Chicken Bacon Quiche

Apr 17, 2017

Chicken Bacon Quiche Easy and quick to make, the tasty Chicken- Bacon Quiche recipe is ready only on Indeed it’s a huge hit menu as a breakfast, lunch, or as a main course for dinner. Enjoy Anybody Can Cook.

Chicken Strips

Apr 17, 2017

CHICKEN STRIPS Anybody Can Cook has a recipe of easy homemade Chicken Strips which will be loved by whole family and it’ll have out of the kitchen quicker than anyone can think. Keep watching Anybody Can Cook only on

Chocolate mousse cups

Apr 17, 2017

CHOCOLATE MOUSSE CUPS The most popular of all of the French desserts to take hold of the American cuisine imagination might be chocolate mousse. The simplicity as well as its aristocracy, airy yet intense concoction ha

Egg Frittata

Apr 17, 2017

EGG FRITTATA Looking for an interesting egg dish for this weekend? Let’s enjoy Egg Frittata, an Italian open-faced omelette of sorts.

Ham & cheese pockets

Apr 17, 2017

HAM & CHEESE POCKETS Friends you can realize how easy to prepare Ham and Cheese Pockets after watching Anybody Can Cook only on . The beauty of these little pockets is that you can fill them with whatever you have on

Healthy Salad

Apr 17, 2017

HEALTHY SALAD If a salad is your go-to healthy meal, you may be tired of the same old bowl of greens. These creative and interesting mixes will fill you up with fiber and protein—not calories. Explore the wonderful idea of food an

Kosha mangsho

Apr 17, 2017

KOSHA MANGSHO A feeling of biggest joy crops up when the traditional authentic spicy Bengali cuisine “Kosha Mangsho” takes the dominant place in the lunch menu on a lazy Sunday afternoon during a perfect family lunch time. Licking

Shorshe Chingri

Apr 17, 2017

SHORSHE CHINGRI The mood of celebration always links to the inseparable existence of people and their favorite recipes … One of such typical Bengal special recipe is “ Shorshe Chingri” … don’t miss feasting on signature Bengali

Sinful Fish Curry

Apr 17, 2017

Sinful Spicy Fish Curry A spicy, authentic curry with Bhetki fish is the ideal stress buster. You can serve it with the steamed rice.  Enjoy the classic creaminess of this dish and go straight to foodie heaven! Enjoy

Spaghetti Aglio Olio

Apr 17, 2017

Spaghetti Aglio Olio  Spaghetti aglio olio is one of the most basic and easiest Italian recipes. This jazzy Italian recipe is something simply awesome lip smacking which is made with garlic (aglio) and oil (olio). It is an amazin

Vanilla Pound Cake

Apr 18, 2017

VANILLA POUND CAKE WITH PLUM JAM Dense, moist vanilla pound cakes are fabulous with plum jam touch. Serving with a dollop of softly whipped cream makes the cake mind-blowing in taste. Watch this easy recipe only on

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