LOST LAPPY DIRECTOR UNHAPPY B C Baal- The Private Dick - Bengali Web series

May 12, 2017
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Cinema doctor Bimal Mukherjee is in trouble!!! His extraordinary script for his next Film, which was in his laptop got stolen!!! Watch Baal solve this case in LOST LAPPY DIRECTOR UNHAPPY only on addatimes.com
Director: Korok Murmu | Writer: Riddhi Barua | DOP: Rommo | Editor: Ayan Roy | Music: Kuntal Dey | GFX/VFX - Abhishek Karmakar, Kaushik Ghosh, SSS | Art Director: Prasenjit Mitra


3 months ago

Acting should be improved by the protagonist but very much entertaining. Side actors are very good. very original try I think. waiting for next episodes. Best of luck


3 months ago

Thank you #Sayantan!

5 months ago

Ki boka boka

6 months ago

Where is next episode?

7 months ago

বাল সত্যিই আস্ত একটা বাল। ঠিক করে বাংলায় কথা বলতে পারে না। বাকিদের অ্যাক্টিংও নকল মনে হয়। আরো ইমপ্রুভ করতে হবে।

8 months ago

too much distrubed ur side


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