Apr 4, 2017
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The renowned hairstylist Wajiha, is sharing some quick hairstyles with absolutely no heat because hair sprays and heat leave hair dryer and duller. As we’re super lazy to make time for different hairstyles every day, Wajiha’s tips will definitely be fruitful for everybody. Register for free and keep watching CRUSH only on

Apr 4, 2017

The famous beauty blogger Justine is showing viewers how she achieves a glamorous party look. There’s a festive elegance to clothes that sparkle in the light but don’t outshine any wearer. Here viewers get an absolutely delightful make over feel for the party season which is the perfect complement to jazzy outfits. So keep watching CRUSH only on

Apr 4, 2017

The famous beauty blogger Justine Ann is sharing her tips regarding regular make up look. She is showing that make up is a tool which magnifies beauty and it is the self-confidence applied directly to the face. Don’t miss Crush only on

Apr 4, 2017

After exploring any fashion enthusiast lady’s wardrobe, one can find one black blazer, lurking in the back corner of her closet waiting the moment when it is chosen to wow the crowd. Here, Fashion blogger Nikita is ready with her tips regarding different ways to wear a graceful black blazer. Come & enjoy Crush only on

Favourite fall lip colours
Mar 2, 2017

There are some of favourite lip colors that are perfect for the fall/winter. Check out these warm colors that give out the perfect weather vibes only on

Mar 2, 2017

Wedding Look :- When it comes to weddings a kind of love sticking to the basic saree or lehenga but also one should not mind experimenting with the draping. The tips are adding a little edge to the whole look which at the same time will not kill the essence of the look by going overboard. In here are some help from the blogger Nikita's friend Mayur of Ruppriya. Nikita has shown 3 looks for the viewers that everybody can try with in their friend's or any wedding to attend. Just be confident. Because that's the key!

Winter hair care
Mar 2, 2017

Wajiha, the famous beauty blogger loves to experiment with different colors, products, and brands and never fails to surprise herself with a little more learning each time. She is also a fashion enthusiast and loves the styling. She also tries hacks and beauty tips and tricks that she is sharing with the viewers of crush only on She is sharing some hair care tips for winter.

Mar 2, 2017

Nikita Datta - Blogger Fashionista | Director - Melvin Clayburn ( Selfembossed) | Creative Head - Ranjini Chatterjee | Synopsis: Nikita Datta of Iworemystyle is Crushing on Crush since its all about fashion. Crush is a channel which will be showcasing all the fashion tips and tricks by me, my personal favorites of the month, outfit lookbook and much more. And here for my 1st episode of Crush, I show you 3 ways you can style your bomber jackets in. One of the hottest piece this season it is an absolute must have for every wardrobe. I hope you like it!

Crush - Justine - Fall Make up look
Mar 2, 2017

Since winter is favourite season and everyone loves wearing jackets, boots and colourful scarves, this webisode represents Justin Ann’s trendiest most favoured look, inspired by the weather. The sultry fall makeup look is easy, simple and convenient, yet quick & trendy! The Special Fall Makeup Look is here only for the viewer’s of ADDATIMES.COM

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