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Mar 2, 2017
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Mar 2, 2017

Soulmates are committed to each other blissfully and they can’t stay apart. Their spellbound hearts make and remake their love forever. Cast & Crew: - Artists: Sourav Chakraborty, Payel Roy, Haradhan Das, Siddharth Roy, Director: - Sayan Dasgupta, Cameram


Mar 2, 2017

Kidnapped : Funny and at the same time touchy, this is not just a boy-meets-girl tale; rather it is a tale of two young hearts learning to know their passions. Carefully mixing up a love story with a whodunit the film captures the fun of both the genres. Sometimes the truth is too obvious and in front of our eyes, but precisely because of that we are not able to see it. This is true when it comes to solving a mystery and in matters of heart as well. This is the essence of this tale which is racy and humorous.The climax is not so easy to guess and you will have watch till the end.


Mar 2, 2017

There is a thin line between illusion and perception.... Watch Bengali love story Bubbles..... Streaming only on addatimes... Cast :Piyali Munshi | Koushik Roy , Crew : Story, screenplay & Direction - Prantik | Director of Photography - Rommo | Editor : Gautam Halder | Musi


Mar 17, 2017

Some of the finest and funniest moments of a crazy pre-wedding interview have waxed on the flow of a hilarious story...”Interview”… you just have to come. ..Have fun and enjoy the silly superfluous comic relief…keep watching addatimes.com...

Mickey & Mimi

Apr 28, 2017

A couple just becomes strangers and the relationship is broken completely. They walk away... but there remains a magical bond between father and his little princess. The story of Mickey & Mimi has been developed with the tune of this innocent saga… দেখুন বাবা-মেয়ের ভালোবাসার অন্তহীন টান এর গল্প । Watch Bangla short film Dilse “MICKEY & MIMI” only on addatimes.com.

The Handkerchief

May 26, 2017

The story of "The Handkerchief" is about three days in the life of a sex worker in modern Kolkata. The girl spends her time within the four walls of her shabby room, tending to her customers in the evening and being occupied with her loneliness in the morning. Amongest her possessions that she cares about is a thick necklace. Her life takes a remarkable turn when one of her encounters with a customer turn out to be exceptionally unusual.The story gradually unfolds itself towards the title of the film and ends with a touch of Joie de vivre.


Jun 23, 2017

Set in modern day Kolkata, Mirzaa is the story of two orthodox underworld kingpins and their hate against each other that finally shatters the world around them. Based on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Mirzaa tells the story of a time when love becomes f


Sep 29, 2017

It is an initiative by Addatimes to give the budding directors and writers a life-time opportunity. Adorshini is one such project to achieve the attempt of encouraging the next gen,to support & give wings to their imagination.

The Pink Handcuff

Feb 13, 2018

Your packed suitcase, your belongings tell about you silently. Our protagonists end up exchanging their trolley bags by mistake which they realize later on. They spend overnight with each other's bag and belongings much like they had actually spent a night together. The Pink Handcuff is a story about the night when both of them shed their masks and face their real selves. They connect, know and feel each other through the accessories in the exchanged bags. A Pink Handcuff had restrained them and yet liberated them to the feeling of love at the same time.

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