Webisode-4 Ghostana - Web Series

Sep 15, 2017
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Rajat and Vicky are found in several uncomfortable and compromising situations. Both become conscious while cleaning up a ceiling fan. The landlady comes in and thinks that Vicky is giving blowjob to Rajat. This enrages both Vicky and Rajat and they decide not to become a medium for Roxy, which quite literally is giving them a pain. They decide to put up an ad on Facebook and find a proxy for Roxy.

A super stoner girl Priya comes in to become a part of the Planchette. The Boys get excited that finally they don’t have to love each other and there will be an actual girl giving Roxy a vent. To their dismay, the Don Bhavani, an old flame of Roxy possesses Priya instead of Roxy herself. Bhavani makes life hell for Vicky and Rajat.Bhavani leaves, a thousand others join the game.

Crew List :- Director : Saptarshi Majumdar | Associate Director : Subhajit Mitra | Story : Abhishek Banerjee | Script : Abhishek Banerjee , Chandroday Pal | Subtitle: Shaket Banerjee | DOP : Arijit Sorkar | Editor : Gautam Halder | Music : Sibasish Banerjee | Art Director : Arka Alam | Vfx: Techno Speciality Media | Gfx : SSS & Kaushik


4 months ago

abar kobey? 2018?

5 months ago

Ato gap a akta kore episode kano?!

5 months ago

boriya ache

5 months ago

Ishani Sengupta amar notun crush <3

5 months ago

eta kintu churanto hcche..


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