Webisode-6 Ghostana - Web Series

Oct 6, 2017
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Rajat and Vicky earn 25000 bucks by selling off the corpses of Priya and the unknown lady. While cleaning off the blood, they realize what all they have done to get Roxy. To cleanse off the deed, they decide to commit suicide and meet Roxy in heaven. Roxy discourages both Rajat and Vicky from committing suicide.
Vicky blackmails Roxy and she agrees to appear in her real self. Roxy enchants Rajat and Vicky with her cabaret performance that further incites the desire of the boys to commit suicide. They do it and reach Sir Chitra Gupta's court only to realize that Roxy has been sent back to Earth. Rajat and Vicky come back to Earth as Ghosts, as Ghostana wraps up the first season.

Crew List - Director : Saptarshi Majumdar | Associate Director : Subhajit Mitra | Story : Abhishek Banerjee | Script : Chandroday Pal | Subtitle: Shaket Banerjee | DOP : Arijit Sorkar | Editor : Gautam Halder | Music : Sibasish Banerjee | Art Director : Arka Alam | Vfx: Techno Speciality Media | Gfx : SSS & Kaushik | "Roxy Is The Effing Fun" OST - Music - Shibashish Banerjee

Singer - Sweekruti Mishra, Lyrics - SAPTARSHI MAJUMDAR


3 weeks ago

Brilliant concept !! Soo Cute acting by every one. Well done Satyam, Bubbla, Priyanka Abhijit

4 months ago

You guys are amazing. nice but the final episode could have been much better.

4 months ago

why the end is so bogus???

4 months ago

This a very ridiculous end to a fine series. I actually ended up being a huge fan of the series and I used to wait eagerly for a new episode. However, the finale was an immense letdown which not only took the fun away by trying to put in too much in the narrative. You guys had an amazing story and strong script but at the very end this was sheer disappointing

MIthu Chatterjee

4 months ago


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