Sufiyana - Bengali Web Series Webisode-1

Oct 27, 2017
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Nov 7, 2017

A decision taken by Samrat Ghosal could ruin his wife Saraswati ‘s life for good or a miracle could occur,taking her life into a different tangent altogether! To know what happens, watch Sufiyana Webisode -2


Nov 17, 2017

13 year old Sufi is not like any other teenage girl of that time! She prefers to play with boys and dominate them all the time! She is chirpy, flamboyant, out of the box and has a very way of looking towards life than other regular girls of her age...Watch webisode-3 of Sufiyana to know more about her impulses.


Nov 28, 2017

It is told that you don’t need to search love…love comes to you! Will that be the case for Sufi ? What change will Nairit bring in Sufi’s life?


Dec 22, 2017

Sufi has finally accepted the guests in her house. She finds Nairit very intriguing. What happens between them?


Dec 22, 2017

Sufi has already fallen in love with Nairit and in the season of romance life strikes a big question at her. Who is her biological father! Will she get an answer?


Dec 22, 2017

Sufi is a happy girl today. Everything seems to be positive in her life. Romance in her life at its peak.Will everything workout well?


Dec 22, 2017

When life is at its peak, there has to be a fall. Same happens with Sufi. She is incapable of juggling her mind with her body. Sometimes confusion leads to destruction. Will Sufi's life be destroyed?

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