Hitman The Thrill Pill - Crime fiction Short Films

Jan 4, 2018
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Beware of the night. Beware of the darkness. Beware of that shadowy corner of your drawing room - he might be there waiting for you. He feels no pain, no fear, no remorse. You can only pray he doesn't come to you and the only thing that can save you from him is himself. He is the HITMAN.
CAST AND CREW :- Director/Writer - Konarak Mukherjee | Cinematographer - Basudeb Chakraborty | Editor - Nivedita Halder | Colorist: Arindam Dey | Sound Designer - Amartya Sankar Chakrabarty | Music - Nilanjan Ghosh | Production Design - Hiya Mukherjee | Production Manager - Mayukh Pal | 2nd unit Cinematographer - Mouliparna De | VFX - Tushar Sarkar | GFX- Kaushik Ghosh , Bina Sarkar


1 month ago

darun ei series ta plz regular update korun

1 month ago

Khepa season 2 ta ber koren please..that was the best series in your website


1 month ago

Khyapa season 2 will release soon. Stay tuned to us for more updates.

1 month ago

this was good ! An unexpected ending .


1 month ago

Thank you so much! Keep watching Addatimes.


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