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Mutton Samosa
Love and Mutton Samosa are alike. One can never have enough of either. Mutton Samosa is a popular road side snack recipe which is deep fried and delicious. This snack recipe is made using mutton keema and maida. It is ideal for evening bites and occasion like kitty party setting the right tone of a foodie party. So let's be a little bit foodie with this easy to make online Mutton samosa recipe video streaming now only on's Anybody Can Cook- your new guide for easy DIY recipes and tutorials.

Ingredients for Samosa cover: 250 gms maida | Cold water | 2 tbsp oil
Prepare a soft dough, cover with a cloth and keep aside for ½ hour.
Samosa Filling:
250 gms mutton mince | 2 tbsp Garlic paste | 3 onions | 2 chillies |
Coriander and cumin powder – 2 tbsp | Sugar, salt and pepper to taste
Sauted garlic paste in oil and add the onions. Sauté till brown and add a bit of sugar. Caramelise. Add the mutton mince and brown. Add the spices and chillies. Stir. Cool the mixture. Roll out the dough, form half moons and then a cone. Fill the cones with this filling and seal the edges. Fry the samosas in hot oil or bake them.

THE CHEF, Rituparna Mukherjee is a high school English Teacher in a reputed International school in Kolkata. Cooking is the hobby she has inculcated over the years and she enjoys concocting simple recipies that don’t take too much time to rustle up.

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