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BC BAAL The Hairy Tale

BC BAAL 2 is a funny short film that's sure to tickle your funny bones at the same time make you chew your nails to know who's the culprit. A lot of drama happens when one fine day amidst a passionate romantic moment Pal calls up Baal. This is what happened- an actor who has a political connection loses his wig while shooting. He feels humiliated while walking out of his make up room without his wig because no matter how big a star is, a partially bald person becomes the object of laughter for some. Irritated with the on goings he called up BAAL to help him find the culprit and asks to meet him urgently even though the latter was in middle of something really important, he couldn't even tolerate his driver sing an innocent, sweet song and abuses him badly in front of Baal. Our detective records his suspects and promises to solve this mystery in 3 days. After a thorough research and traps on the suspects Baal finally exposes the thief of the wig. The story takes a shocking turn when the case is cracked and the actual reason for the theft is disclosed shaming the actor himself. So, who stole the wig and why, was it a competitor, an opposition party person, or someone close to him, log in to and unfold the suspense. Watch Webisode 2 of BC Baal online on Addatimes - your ultimate stop for short Bengali detective movies.

Crew : Director : Korok Murmu | Writer : Riddhi Barua | DOP : Rommodip Saha | Editor : Ayan Roy | Music : Kuntal Dey | GFX/VFX : Abhishek Karmakar/ Kaushik Ghosh, SSS | Art Director : Parasenjit Mitra.

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