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If you are fond of bangla detective natok you will love this webisode of BC BAAL. A popular rock star loses his diary in a concert, before going up on the stage he had it in place but as he came back to his dressing room and reached for his bag the diary was missing. He and his wife looked everywhere but couldn't find it anywhere. The diary was his life as it had all his new songs, tunes, notations etc. Losing of his diary eventually led to defamation of his glory! Stressed with everything he calls up Baal as asks for his help to find the diary. Baal very cleverly keeps a check on all the suspects and the final day as he goes back to Rup- the rockstar to disclose the culprit he is welcomed with some new clues, suspects and his same anxious client. The suspense of the missing diary pricked the singer like fossils of his dreams buried underneath a cactus but Baal uprooted the mystery with his presence of mind and ofcourse his alert alter ego . When the culprit is disclosed that moment is absolutely shocking. Who stole the diary and why, was it done out of professional jealousy or something else triggered by personal emotions. Know the suspense of this online movie only on BC Baal- MOTHER F""" DIARY webisode streaming only on

Director : Korok Murmu | Writer : Riddhi Barua | DOP : Rommodip Saha | Editor : Ayan Roy | Music : Kuntal Dey | GFX/VFX : Abhishek Karmakar/ Kaushik Ghosh, SSS | Art Director : Parasenjit Mitra.

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