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BC Baal the first ever Bengali detective story on web hits the internet with a bang. Morning beer, afternoon vodka, and evening whisky our detective is a drunken master of cracking even the complicated cases. Webisode 1 opens with a startled husband seeking investigative help. A worried businessman calls up BAAL as he suspects his wife cheating on him. He makes BAAL sniff his wife's panty smelling of Old Spise, and tells him about the renowned personalities who he suspects. The top two suspects are under the close surveillance of the watchdog- BC Baal, what they do, whom do they meet, what perfume do they gift or which brands do they use etc are all well noted by him. Not only him, his girlfriend also becomes a partner in putting efforts to crack the nuts of this Old Spise suspense. But all through the process of unfolding the mystery of the business man's wife's extra marital affair the alter ego of Baal is the guiding principle, that directs him to the right direction in exposing the hidden.

So who’s the won who has been treating the genitals of the business man’s wife, is it among te two suspects or someone unsuspected. Know everything just log in and watch the first webisode of this bangla suspence story, BC Baal- THE MISTRESS OF SPICE streaming now only on

Director : Korok Murmu | Writer : Riddhi Barua | DOP : Rommodip Saha | Editor : Ayan Roy | Music : Kuntal Dey | GFX/VFX : Abhishek Karmakar/ Kaushik Ghosh, SSS | Art Director : Parasenjit Mitra.

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