The Pink Handcuff

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Your packed suitcase, your belongings tell about you silently. Our protagonists end up exchanging their trolley bags by mistake which they realize later on. They spend overnight with each other's bag and belongings much like they had actually spent a night together. The Pink Handcuff is a story about the night when both of them shed their masks and face their real selves. They connect, know and feel each other through the accessories in the exchanged bags. A Pink Handcuff had restrained them and yet liberated them to the feeling of love at the same time.

CREW:- Direction & Story - Sanjay Bhattacharya & Tuhin | Screenplay & Dialogues – Sanjay Bhattacharya | DOP – Tuhin | Asst. Director – Nilanjana Dhar, Chaynika Mukherjee | Asst. Cameraman – Satadru Chakraborty | Stylist & Production Designer – Chayanika Mukherjee | Makeup Artist – Sanjib | Light – Sumit Patra | Editor : Ruj | Animation and DI – Tuhin | BG Music – Manojit | GFX – Kaushik, Bina | VFX – Tushar Sarkar

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