Episode- 5

Ghostana - Bengali Web Series

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Don Bhavani is history now, Priya of late cannot be seen anywhere near Rajat and Vicky. More importantly the fiasco that happened due to a living medium other than themselves, is something that Vicky and Rajat doesn't want to get into again. But, they need a medium as their bromance has also caused a lot of awkwardness.They call a pimp, specialized in home delivery of all kinds of corpse, whatever people fancy of. Vicky and Rajat zero down on a few options which Roxy out rightly rejects. Boys become frustrated and step out of home in search of smoke in the middle of a dead night. As luck would have it, they find a young girl's dead body on the road.
Vicky and Rajat bring the body home and starts calling Roxy. The dead body wakes up but suddenly Priya also comes into the scene. Cats fight, things shatter, hearts break, guns roar, people die all in the name of Roxy.

Crew List :- Director : Saptarshi Majumdar | Associate Director : Subhajit Mitra | Story : Abhishek Banerjee | Script : Abhishek Banerjee, Chandroday Pal | Subtitle: Shaket Banerjee | DOP : Arijit Sorkar | Editor : Gautam Halder | Music : Sibasish Banerjee | Art Director : Arka Alam | Vfx: Techno Speciality Media | Gfx : SSS & Kaushik | "Bhutera Kore Cabaret" OST - | Composition and Singer - Saumyadeep Bubbla Bhattacharya | Lyrics - Chandroday Pal

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