Episode- 2

'ক্ষ্যাপা' - 'Khyapa' - Bengali Web Series

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Watch the little boy break the shackles of mundane life and churn out his out of the box flamboyance yet again. In his pursuit of solace Khyapa decides to take the biggest step in his life. Unable to breathe in freedom under his father's disciplinary rule, Khyapa tries to ease the burden of his despair with his elderly Khyapa pal and also his very own faultless Chingri but even this friendship story is filled with drama, because some fun at school doesn't help him much on the contrary digs all the more problem for him and Chingri as well. Finding no one who can understand him and frustrated by the everyday outrage of his father, he loses all his sanity and crosses the line of control and respect that should exist between a father and a son. It is this moment when the soul seeking bird steps out to begin his journey. This webisode of Khyapa brings out the thoughts and behavior of a teenager who has just begun to see the world from a different perspective, who wants to be free spirited void of any dominating forces on him. Just one click and watch Bengali web series Khyapa webisode 2 streaming now on addatimes.com.

CREW :- Director: Korok Murmu | Writer : Riddhi Barua | DOP : Rommo | Music : Gaboo | Editor : Subho Pramanik | Soud : Avishek Saha | Special thanks : Aajhapur Bohumukhi Vidyalaya Chatterjee Poribar, Sheakhala, Hooghly.

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