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Khyapa Webisode-4

The love guru- Khyapa’s classes and his tricks have just begun to help Chingri aka Bagh, Shanto Bagh get his lady love Meghla's attention. True friends help their friends at any cost but real friends can sometimes be a little naughty like what Khyapa tries to do as he prepares the entire plan to strike a conversation with Meghla and this introduction will go a long way in entangling the relationships of these three lives. These teenage duo's are on a mischievous mission, which is a little risky yet an amateurish move to get closer to Meghla. Both of them are well-prepared to execute the plan to atleast win her friendship and finally Chingri gets to introduce his dad Khogen who's Meghla's dad's friend. Till now it was all about freedom, soul-seeking, an inseparable friendship but now love is stepping in this journey of best friends, it will be worth noting how these boys behave and react to this new feeling. Will Chingri's father's reference work for him, will Meghla understand the plan plotted for her or will she fall for it, will Khayapa's plan work, know everything that happened between these three people only on Bengali Web Series Khyapa Webisode-4- the story on true friendship, love, and life.

CREW :- Director: Korok Murmu | Writer : Riddhi Barua | DOP : Rommo | Music : Gaboo | Editor : Subho Pramanik | Soud : Avishek Saha | Special thanks : Aajhapur Bohumukhi Vidyalaya Chatterjee Poribar, Sheakhala, Hooghly.

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