Episode - 5

'ক্ষ্যাপা' - 'Khyapa' - Bengali Web Series

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Love is in the air and the wheels of romance are on a roll with Chingri falling more and more in love with Meghla every passing day. He is getting too particular about his looks, his hair, and everything that he thinks might impress her but at the same time he is also nervous if he will get his lady love, will Meghla reciprocate his love. This is the time when his belief on Khyapa also intensifies and he tries to seek confidence in him who constantly assures him that if he follows all the instructions he will get what he wants and thus making Chingri believe that his best friend will churn out some magic and get him Meghla. But then is it right to depend too much and have blind faith on someone. Will Khyapa live up to the friendship vows he made to Chingri, what is he planning, who goes on a cycle ride with Meghla.
The faith and dependence that Chingri shows on Khyapa forms the basis of an unconditional story of two best friends and their friendship. Watch BEngali Web Series KHYAPA Episode-5 and witness a love triangle shaping up that's sure to change the identity of even the strongest bonds of trust.

CREW :- Director: Korok Murmu | Writer : Riddhi Barua | DOP : Rommo | Music : Gaboo | Editor : Subho Pramanik | Soud : Avishek Saha | Special thanks : Aajhapur Bohumukhi Vidyalaya Chatterjee Poribar, Sheakhala, Hooghly.

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