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When we think of police officers, images of stern, gun-wielding people come to our mind. Nirupam Dutta, a police officer, however, draws a different image. He sings, he represents the rich folk tune of Bengal , hoping many will find a musical orientation with motivated soul to serve the society by unique attitude towards life.
Nirupam has performed a wonderful piece of song , written by Kobi Arun Chakraborty which is real liberated expression of spirit. The vibrant rustic rendition of this folk song indeed penetrates into the listener’s mind and the soul transcends to the world of satisfaction.

প্রতিদিনের অন‍্যায়ের বিরূদ্ধে এগিয়ে থাকা এক নায়ক, পুলিশ অফিসার নিরুপমের, গায়ক হয়ে ওঠার উদযাপন-সুর এই " পাখি ধর মন " গানটি।

Crew :- Director - Korok Murmu | DOP - Rommo | Creative Head - Riddhi Barua | Editor - Subho Pramanik | Costume / Stylist - Jayanti Sen & Sandip Jaiswal | Art Director - Nafisa Khatun | Assistant Directors : Abhijit , Sauvik, Suchandra, Trishna, Ruma

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