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This is an investigative episode, which starts with a police officer at the accident site. The officer is in search of three boys. On the other hand Sunny, according to Maani’s instruction is searching for the doctor. He gets to know that, three boys came to the doctor and smashed his head some days back. Police will get more confused after interrogating localities about the car and the boys. The doctor will turn too much egoistic, and his rage against Maani will come out in front of Dodo, Papai, and Ronty. Papai will turn very intelligent at the end of the chapter and will somehow relax the whole situation. CREW DETAILS- DIRECTED AND EDITED BY- NIRJHAR MITRA | WRITER - NIRJHAR MITRA, NILANJAN CHAKRABORTY, SHAYAK ROY | CINEMATOGRAPHER - SOHAM KAR | MUSIC- MAINAK MAJUMDER | VFX- AYUSMAN GOSWAMI, TUSHAR SARKAR | GFX – KAUSHIK GHOSH , BINA SARKAR | ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR- NILANJAN CHAKRABORTY | ASSISTANT DIRECTOR- TUSHAR SARKAR | ASSOCIATE CINEMATOGRAPHER- AMIT KAPOOR | CAMERA TEAM- SHIBASHIS MAJUMDER , PRITAM DUTTA, GANESH NEYOGI | ART TEAM- MAINAK MAJUMDER, SALINI MITRA | SOUND RECORDIST- SHREEDAM NAIYA | SOUND DESIGNER- SANJIV SARKAR | COLOURIST- ARINDAM DEY | GRAPHIC DESIGNER – SHIB SANKAR SINHA | EXECUTIVE PRODUCER.- SUCHANDRA BANERJEE | PRODUCTION MANAGER- GOUTAM MUKHERJEE | PRODUCTION BOYS – ANWAR, NABIN, NURUL

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