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The Old Varlet( PURATON BHRITYA) is a Bengali Crime -thriller short film. The whole film is woven by a telephone conversation between the master & his loyal old servant Ramu about the mistress of the house.The real character of a 'simple' housewife is revealed . Doesn't it seem very simple ? The conversation is enough to increase your tension level at the highest point . To experience the tension watch the Bengali original short film 'PURATON BHRITYA' ( THE OLD VARLET).

Cinematography , Edit , Color , Screenplay ,Direction : Arijit Sorkar | Chief Assistant Director : Subhajit Mitra | Assistant director : Srija Sen | Executive Producer , Art & Subtitle: Dipanwita Ray | Make up : Srija Sen | Production : Abhimanyu Chattererjee, Alive paul | Assistant DOP : Sayan chakraborty & Aviroop Basu | Sound & Music: Arob & Avi | Post Production Head : Arka Bhattacharya | GFX: Kaushik Ghosh , Bina Sarkar

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